A Rowse – erotic stories

Tales of female dominance and male submission from the bedroom to the torture chamber  – which can sometimes turn out to be the same place…

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Where Women Rule


In the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and men are little more than slaves, toiling naked for their rulers’ profit or amusement.  Young newlyweds Tess and Jack have just arrived on the island to enjoy a few days of fun, relaxation and to sample the local culture living as mistress and slave.

But Tess and Jack are not simply another couple looking to enjoy a kinky honeymoon in the sun.  They are on a mission, a dangerous attempt to rescue Tess’ brother, Nick who has been imprisoned on the island at the mercy of the ruthless interrogators of Neosmyrna’s penal system.

In order to get the information they need to get close to him the pair must adopt the lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants.  For Tess that means embracing her new power as mistress over her new husband while for Jack it means becoming her slave and living the role to the full in the land where women rule…



In Women’s Power


In the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and men are little more than slaves, toiling naked for their rulers’ profit or amusement.

John and Laura arrive on the island to investigate the potential for an investment in the Women’s Power electricity company where naked men are used to manually generate power.  Following the law of the island, John is stripped on arrival and forced to live the role of a slave to his female colleague.  Uncomfortable with the situation at first, both visitors soon find themselves adapting to their new circumstances which begins to awaken long-suppressed desires in them both.  Desires which can be freely indulged in a land where women dominate totally…


Hard Time


On the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and men are forced to serve naked as their workers or playthings.
On a day trip to the island with his wealthy girlfriend, unsuspecting Ted is accused of a crime and dragged into the Neosmyrnan male penal system.  Stripped and imprisoned, he finds himself at the mercy of the sadistic female guards and interrogators and facing the terrifying prospect, if convicted, of being sold as a slave at public auction to an unknown fate or -possibly worse – serving his sentence of hard labour under the whips of the overseers on the prison’s plantations…

The Women’s Events

The_womans_eventIn the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and the men are naked slaves who are forced to obey.

Disgraced and bankrupt after being caught cheating, athlete Greg Carraway feels he has no choice but to sell himself into a term of slavery on the island. Greg hopes to disappear into obscurity but, learning of his arrival on the island, TV sports producer Clara has other plans for him. Plans which will make his previous exposure and humiliation seem as nothing in comparison to what awaits him in a land where women rule…



Celebrity Slave


When broke writer Mark is offered the chance to make some good money by volunteering to be a naked “slave” at a secret party for some wealthy and powerful women he is not really sure what to expect.

As the party moves from the dining hall down to the “dungeon”, however, Mark will find out just what is expected of him as a rich women’s plaything …




Celebrity Slave 2


After a night spent as the naked plaything of a group of rich and powerful women, Mark thinks his time as a ‘slave’ is over.  The beautiful Hollywood actress Angel has other ideas, however, and the next morning Mark finds himself on the receiving end of an offer he can’t bring himself to refuse.

Back in the dungeon for a private session with Angel, Mark will find himself subjected to some of her most private desires and his boThe women of the Birch Road Club meet regularly to share in their mutual interest – dominating men.  Members take turns to provide the venue and also to provide their husband or partner as a ‘subject’ for the event.

This evening it is Helen’s turn to play hostess and her husband, Drew, is waiting with trepidation to begin another evening serving as a naked ‘slave’ and plaything to be subjected to the dominatrix whims of his wife and her friends.

Tonight, however, there is a surprise extra guest at the patty; the beautiful and mysterious Charlotte.  Her appearance will take Drew well beyond the torments of the whips and humiliations of his regular mistresses and into a whole new realm of submission and desire…dy used to satisfy a very particular need…



Celebrity Slave 3

celeb_3In Hollywood and pitching his screenplay, aspiring writer Mark takes up another of his agent’s lucrative offers to be a naked plaything at one of her parties for stressed female executives.

Behind the walls of a secure Beverly Hills mansion, fully equipped with a dungeon and cells Mark joins several other ‘subjects’ to entertain the wealthy and powerful women guests.  Things become even more intense for Mark, however when he is singled out for a private session with the beautiful star actress Amethyst Hart in this explicit short story.


Celebrity Slave  – Finale

celebrity_slave_finale_copyIt’s the second day of the Hollywood party where Mark is still providing the entertainment as a naked “slave” to some of the most beautiful and powerful women in showbiz.   Before the event’s final evening the beautiful and sadistic Angel Jolly makes full use of Mark’s body to give a lesson in domination to two new arrivals that neither he nor they will forget.

As the evening finally arrives and the party draws to its end, Mark can only wait helplessly to find out what will be demanded of him at its climax…



No Angel

no_angelThere was no way that Adam should have survived that car crash – and he didn’t.  Instead of in a hospital he wakes up stark naked and trapped in Purgatory where he must suffer as punishment for his sins before he can be released.  And to make absolutely sure that happens Adam has been assigned his own personal demon, the red hot (in more ways than on­e) Tormentiana.  The unfortunate Adam barely has time to grasp what is happening as Tormentiana gleefully begins introducing him to the world of dark torments she has planned for him.  And, as Adam will soon learn all too well, Tormentiana takes great delight in her task – and she’s a kinky little devil, too…

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Slave of the Month


In a near-future world where slavery is once again legal proud but bankrupt Benedict finds himself sold as a slave to pay off his debts. Forced to work as a near-naked house boy by his new mistress, Cynthia he is humiliated and degraded on a daily basis.

Benedict is convinced that he has sunk as low as he can possibly get but discovers that he is gravely mistaken when Cynthia finds a new way to show him off to the world…