Hot new femdom story out now!

The Women’s events, the latest hot CFNM/femdom story from A Rowse is out now on Amazon Kindle!

In the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and the men are naked slaves who are forced to obey.

Disgraced and bankrupt after being caught cheating, athlete Greg Carraway feels he has no choice but to sell himself into a term of slavery on the island. Greg hopes to disappear into obscurity but, learning of his arrival on the island, TV sports producer Clara has other plans for him. Plans which will make his previous exposure and humiliation seem as nothing in comparison to what awaits him in a land where women rule…The_womans_event






FREE – Kindle Femdom short story 17-21 March

Free on Amazon Kindle for five days from 17th March, Slave of the Month is set in a future society where slavery is once again legal.  When a young entrepreneur becomes bankrupt overnight he finds himselslave6f sold into slavery to a harsh mistress to pay off his own debts.  Along with the loss of his freedom comes a previously unimaginable new life of domination and humiliation as his mistress’ sexual plaything…

Celebrity Slave on Smashwords!

…he was lying on what did seem to be a medieval rack; the chains on his ankles attached to a large winch just below his feet.

Eight female faces looked down at him with eager anticipation in their eyes.  A few of them were stroking his legs and chest quite freely as he lay immobile and helpless at their mercy.

And he could tell he wouldn’t be shown much mercy tonight….celebrity_slave11 (1)

Now available on Smashwords – the Celebrity Slave stories.  Follow the adventures of an aspiring writer as he becomes the naked plaything of a rich and powerful elite group of women used to getting – and doing – anything that they desire…



Where Women Rule… on Smashwords!

Following its success on Amazon Kindle, the Where Women Rule series is now available on Smashwords in a number of formats.

Take a trip to a Caribbean paradise island where women are the mistresses of all – and men are made to toil naked for their pleasure or amusement.  In these stories men – and the women in their lives – learn what it is to exercise and submit to true female authority.  Click here to visit…




New Story – In Women’s Power



In the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and men are little more than slaves, toiling naked for their rulers’ profit or amusement.

John and Laura arrive on the island to investigate the potential for an investment in the Women’s Power electricity company where naked men are used to manually generate power. Following the law of the island, John is stripped on arrival and forced to live the role of a slave to his female colleague. Uncomfortable with the situation at first, both visitors soon find themselves adapting to their new circumstances which begins to awaken long-suppressed desires in them both. Desires which can be freely indulged in a land where women dominate totally…



New story – Where Women Rule

My new story, Where Women Rule, is out now on Kindle and Smashwords, a story of a country where women rule with absolute power and men are treated at best as pets or, at worst, as disposable slaves…


In the Caribbean island nation of Neosmyrna women rule with absolute power and men are little more than slaves, toiling naked for their rulers’ profit or amusement.  Young newlyweds Tess and Jack have just arrived on the island to enjoy a few days of fun, relaxation and to sample the local culture living as mistress and slave.

But Tess and Jack are not simply another couple looking to enjoy a kinky honeymoon in the sun.  They are on a mission, a dangerous attempt to rescue Tess brother, Nick who has been imprisoned on the island at the mercy of the ruthless interrogators of Neosmyrna’s penal system.

In order to get the information they need to get close to him the pair must adopt the lifestyle of the island’s inhabitants.  For Tess that means embracing her new power as mistress over her new husband while for Jack it means becoming her slave and living the role to the full in the land where women rule…